The Mandaloretts


"sending this pic to my girls"

A friend suggested this one; setup TSG inside the Volume. Folks familiar with The Mandalorian may know they film the actors surrounded by a thousand LED screens. This technique does state-of-the-art real-time compositing and lighting. Real-time lets you know if background composite is working immediately vs. waiting until post-production. Using these same composite LEDs for lighting is also easier and more accurate.

We have several old computer screens, so I quickly set the wallpaper to sunset, placed one behind him, and turned out all other lights. Boom: instant composite plus reflections and transparencies on the vacuum-tube are all correct, in-camera. With something like VNC, I can sync multiple screens for additional lights.

Few people remember that electronics were once the size of a city bus. A century ago, this monument would have been one of many in the Large Adeline Radio Installation. Even the once popular beach sand has migrated across the bay.

TSG sent this photo to all his digital girlfriends. He's got every dating and messaging app in the ongoing struggle to lure attractive visitors out to this desolate landscape, during a pandemic. 

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