Kanji Solitaire


"How To Master Japanese Kanji"

Bored with flashcards, I made a kanji game with whole words. This innovative game uses different parts of your brain, combining study with play, for more fun and natural learning.
These challenging puzzles include 11 levels and 9749 vocabulary words, each level increasing in difficulty and characters. You’ll hear the spoken kanji pronunciations along with the English meanings — something flashcards can’t do.

But this isn’t just educational, it's a game!
  • Encourage your verbal skills with recorded pronunciations
  • Practice reading whole words using the proper characters
  • Learn 9749 Japanese words without flashcards
  • Improve your kanji understanding with simple definitions
  • Compete with your friends for the top score
  • Enjoy your music while playing
  • Instantly play wherever you are on your phone & tablet
  • It’s like having your own personal kanji tutor—in an easy-to-use app! 
  • The lite version is FREE with advertising.
  • The full version includes support for Apple Watch.

  Download Full for iPhone$1.99     99¢
  Download Lite for iPhoneFREE
  Download for Android        FREE