Rackmount Rollo

Please see the attached postage-printer mount. It's stuck into the 10" side of the 19" rack-o-crap that was on my desk. Made of metal Meccano metal-errector-set stuff, the prototype is surprisingly solid. See one part tested with oxide-red primer. There is room for proper rack-ear adapters on the sides, if one wanted to move it around. The 3D printer clogged, currently in shambles. 

This desk is maybe five percent cleaner.

Apple Developer Experience


Apple drops support for old iPad... sell iPad.

Xcode drops support for old Watch... sell Watch.

Buy new Watch... iPhone doesn't pair. 

Update iPhone... Xcode doesn't support iPhone update.

Update Xcode... OS doesn't support Xcode update.

Update OS... Mac doesn't support OS update.

Apple dropped support for my Mac... sell Mac.

I just realized Apple ends support based on model-year, not purchase-year. Some stuff in the Apple Store is two years old, and may only get half the Xcode support. Over time, I'd need to replace more devices - so that initial 25% is not savings, it's annual depreciation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

TSG reuses clean boxes and packing material - those not plastered with logos and unremovable labels. Why do companies spend resources making their materials single-use? Probably they're just using our doorsteps as advertising. We defeated plastic clamshells, maybe we can defeat nonconsensual porch-advertisement.

Not even Walmart will reuse a Walmart branded box.

Shipping boxes are getting worse - branded tape, bleached cardboard, color printing, glued boxes that rip-open, branded filler material, tamper-proof labels... Unboxing videos should shame companies for elaborate single-use garbage.

I'd choose re-usable plain-packaging if that was an option. Colorful, branded packaging alerts porch pirates. Probably, we'd all prefer low-key packages. Recycling cardboard still consumes water, collection centers, and trucking resources.

Anyhow, I made this portrait of a box-monster meeting Danbo.