DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe

DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe

When I get tired of holding things, I can make a holder. The Lansky vice fits snugly in this hardwood shoe - the back slides into a thin slot and the front rests on a lip. There's clearance for the knob when it's flipped, a hole for clamping, and a simple wedge fastener.

It was just screwed together for testing, and worked great with a pocket knife. It's heavy enough to stay put during use, and quiet compared to a metal stand. I may add some thin felt on the bottom. The ultimate test will be the larger kitchen knives.

I'll put a finish on this before it gets covered in sharpening oil.

DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe Prototype

Comic: Tube Man, Sky Dancer

"I've had no formal dance training."

They're tall, loud and demand attention. Tube people were raised on inflated confidence. Sometimes, they become Vice-President of Marketing for no other reason. I'm suspicious of anyone super-excited about fourth quarter in public. 

We had this annual tradition - closers met the VP, sleeves rolled-up, in private. "How you doing?" they'd ask. The goal was to signal competent enough to quit. If successful, the VP might preview the new dog and pony show. 

I told my buddy Aaron he'd never make VP, "Gotta be 10 foot, minimum." He just smiled like he knew something I didn't. "Nice, and talk with your hands more," I said.  But Aaron never did make VP.