Class characteristics

"it's safe - don't lick anything"

Freight arrives by plane, but the airstrip is generally closed to civilian traffic. Float-planes do super-bucks catering to the wealthy, and hospital emergencies. Pilots are even more respected than Lodge-owners. 

I had decided to get here crossing the bay, because I know a yacht guy. The water was rough, and the boat was slow. The two of us listened to emergency radio - it had one show, about flipped boats. The captain had to row a dingy the last hundred meters to where TSG was waiting. 

In retrospect, that was an obscenely royal entrance.

The entire town consists of 52 households. Within an hour of my arrival, everyone had heard of the new minor celebrity - Red Shirt Guy. A nickname which persisted three hundred wardrobe changes, because Brian was already a dog's name.

I'm printing the lodge doors, and created a stack of failed prints. The FreeCAD design lacks tool-marks, or material character. I think construction adds interesting detail - too interesting in this case. TSG wants legible door numbers, and has me playing with fonts. Later I learned the slicer's "Layers" view-mode can simulate a detail preview. 



"too much makeup"

I looked it up - Nikon claims this old DSLR will survive 150,000 photos. The shutter-count is only 8983. TSG says it went in for repair once, after a hard drop broke the flash. Film cameras are holding their value, but folks are selling these DSLRs, and prices are dropping like pianos. He's ordered a 'micro' lens for it.

I found drawer with a hundred plastic forks - individually wrapped packets marked with a bear. After that I started putting fried-noodle takeouts in the work-fridge, hold the forks. It's a way to repay TSG for drinking his beer, since he won't take money. These supplement beans and rice, which he has in bulk-drums. TSG said he gets freight delivered twice a year; that includes two-hundred servings of dried beans! 

The lodge color conversation has landed on fashion, which is a four-letter word here. If I understand correctly, TSG believes fashion is a signal of toxicity - attracting false, unreliable people. I can't imagine such a person traveling for days, mud-trail flanked with gravestones, for an Instagram. 

Color Universe


"whoa, looks like you been busy"

I'm looking for a lazy universe where I'm not hand-mixing every color. Hobby paints exist in our universe, with colors like German-Panzer-Yellow, and Ford-Blue that match historical objects. And artist paints are available for mixing another universe, like Black 3.0, and DayGlo. TSG suggested we use what we already have.

While thinking about paint, I found a slick tool that generates color variations. I uploaded a quick sketch and computer-generated hypothetical lodges from a hundred color universes. A few were interesting. We have plenty of time to contemplate before we get to paint.

I've had luck with this kind of machine-generated partnership; it's fun. We joke that managers always say, "bring me a rock", and then complain about the delivered rock. Automation never gets tired of bringing rocks - you'll have so many damn rocks. People like choosing from a short list - top six is good. 

One time a manager asked for all the output, "publish everything." I argued that would be very bad, more than anybody could handle. We published nearly ten-thousand computer-generated reports before folks quit the project. I was not popular; that manager was oddly ecstatic.