McMaster-Carr M18 Bolt

DIY M18 Bolt

Our hose sprayer had a valve-cap failure. The thin plastic had cracked such that it would spray the hose operator, and there was too little material to glue. I rummaged through my collection of bolts and didn't find anything this large. So I tried 3d-printing some.

The inside threads were a mystery. I first guessed 5/8-11tpi and that turned out too loose. My second guess was metric, M18-fine, and that was water-tight with some PTFE tape. I saw people were downloading STEP files from McMaster-Carr and converting them to STL online. I printed some in PLA at 99% infill, then drilled the end to hold a trigger spring.

It's a comically oversized solution - so I'm keeping it.

DIY Chisel Rabbet Plane

DIY Chisel Rabbet Plane

Wooden planes are on the expensive side, but easy enough to build. I made this one to fit my chisels, and with clearance for router-plane work. The body was two pieces of maple, and the wedge is scrap oak. Eventually I'll add a handle and knob.

The idea is to drop the blade and square inside a recess or groove. I plan to install some hinges and other hardware with it - a bit more exercise and less dust alternative to power tools. Should also refine table-saw slots in plywood.

Now I have to sharpen some chisels.

Dollar Store C-Clamp, 25mm

I've seen many chisel sharpening methods, but this one looked interesting. If you have a very tiny clamp, you can try sticking half the Lansky vice on your chisel. I took these edges to 2000 - which is a bit ridiculous. This particular chisel has never bitten me, so we're still friends.

DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe

DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe

When I get tired of holding things, I can make a holder. The Lansky vice fits snugly in this hardwood shoe - the back slides into a thin slot and the front rests on a lip. There's clearance for the knob when it's flipped, a hole for clamping, and a simple wedge fastener.

It was just screwed together for testing, and worked great with a pocket knife. It's heavy enough to stay put during use, and quiet compared to a metal stand. I may add some thin felt on the bottom. The ultimate test will be the larger kitchen knives.

I'll put a finish on this before it gets covered in sharpening oil.

DIY Lansky Sharpening Shoe Prototype