"what, it's just more wall"

In the morning, I have the compound to myself. The game is to keep quiet. Lighting the stove before backup heat kicks on, I make coffee by flashlight like a coffee burglar - folks out here drink it with a pinch of salt. The stove vibrates slightly when it's almost empty. Power relays make subtly different clicks on and off. Eventually the water-pump announces somebody is awake.

We got one door hinge installed on the lodge; five to go. I'm putting all the hinges on the right, because I don't have to look at it for the next 50 years; TSG is undecided. Can't bespoke all the things, and finish the build by summer. 

TSG was printing wall segments when I saw this reflection in the PEI. He's being patient for photos, waiting for me to help him move the thing. He thought it was weird - taking a picture of a boring wall segment. 

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