"unlikely this would pass inspection"

I hit 10k steps on Wednesday, just walking laps. TSG was unimpressed, and asked me to find some door hinges. TSG believes proper exercise is chopping firewood, or hauling tiny cinderblock.

I didn't find door hinges, but did find door-sized hinges. The idea is one brass hinge can make two 8ft doors. Since we may need a dozen doors, this probably beats fabricating hinges from scratch. Decided to do a test-fit on the quonset hut, and preliminary results are encouraging. 

I've PLA-printed tiny working hardware down to 5mm, still too thick - perhaps a smol nozzle, or SLA can go thinner. If going that route, better to hide hinges in the building print and help keep the assembly square. A precise builder would put the hinges on the inside. 

Luminar AI did a nice fog in the background; first time that worked out. Also noticed gimp was deleting metadata from my jpegs, so I copied it back with exiftool: 

exiftool -TagsFromFile tiny-door.png "-all:all>all:all" tiny-door.jpg

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