The Cool Club Secret Handshake

TACOMA, WA - How long are we allowed to chase a dream before we have to suck it up? Zach believed we only got one life, and the clock was always running out. He figured he was going to fail his second decade - a bug stuck-in-place by a million silk threads. It was clear that he needed something big - he needed out. Zach was seventeen.

His neighbor had a classic car, in parts, under decayed blue tarps on his back lawn. It hadn't moved in decades until they opened the fence and pushed it across like a poker jackpot. Zach had bought a '71 BMW 2800CS and several stained workshop manuals on credit.

People who never built a car told Zach the heap in his parent's yard was a terrible idea. They once tried a thing and failed, and that just goes to show you. But he knew a guy that had done it, and that guy had cool stories. That summer he learned something about welding, wiring, and who to ask for help.

It was September when he finally got it rolling. Strangers waved and talked to him when they saw it - offered him wads of cash to buy it. They wanted a ride, and they asked his opinions. Folks shook his hand, all beat-to-hell, and dirty fingernails. He thought this is what it's like to be beautiful.

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