The Tiki Gods Of Casual Friday

The Tiki Gods Of Casual Friday

HONOLULU, HI - Lehua and Moana were startled awake by Kimo's scream. Long ago he had left to roam the islands in sleep. And now he had returned - broken his two-hundred-year silence. Even though he was gone a very long time, they had missed him only a little.

Kimo knew he would not find his Lani. She was stolen, used as firewood one night in 1779. Back in the Tiki room now, he cursed the hula stage and the electric torches. He damned the bamboo-grass bar and half-price hurricanes. Lehua and Moana thought that after all that time - he must be very hungry.

Kimo's complaints would attract attention. They tried to reason with him, but this only fueled his breakdown further. The walls and floors began to shake with his growing outbursts. Lehua and Moana were certain that something terrible was happening again.

The side door slid open and a dim light came on. A naked man stumbled to the hula stage and paused to listen. He fished one arm behind Kimo and eventually made everything quiet. Lehua and Moana heard the naked man's bare-footsteps, the light-switch click, and Kimo's furious eyes twitching.

The naked man touched the jukebox for a moment and then pulled the door closed behind him. A weeping ukulele played. Lehua and Moana began to softly sing. Kimo's wild eyes slowed to listen, and he was falling. Lehua and Moana sang every sad song until Kimo was asleep.

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