The Best Ghosts 24/7

State Fair - Puyallup, WA
Nikon D300S: 19.0 mm, ƒ/10, 5s

PUYALLUP, WA - He'd read that over half the Fairground VR population were ghosts - the oldest accounts being dead for nearly a decade. When Kara went offline, her perfect ghost just kept on riding the carousel and eating pink cotton candy.

Here, sunset plays every hundred-eighty minutes. He'd log-in just to take her hand and walk together. She'd wave to him from the carousel, and lead him to the fireworks show, or to the piglet race sometimes.

If she were still alive, maybe she'd be tired of all this - too old for neon-glow tiaras, teacup rides, and piglets. Here her silent enthusiasm for the fair, and for him, is fixed.

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