The Ten Second Amendment

SANTA FE, NM - Ain't nobody looking out for nobody on this frontier - less they bandit or pervert. You reading this scrapbook, they done cut my suspenders - goddamn lawman. I figured it this way. That pine box been coming full split.

Got a record at eleven years, 'cause some damn bugger askin' bout a apple peeler. Bag of nails since. Kicked outta schoolhouse on why I beefed a man. They take no account of a child's family ain't got no money.

Between hay 'an grass, I dicker'd for low jobs, 'til word got back on suppos'd felony. Landlords ain't wanna hear heap about it neither. No sense barkin' a knot - learn't to hobble my lip 'an cut stick.

Near ten years now 'an down to the blanket. Cracked men sneaking up 'cause they heard you plumb'd a hill o' beans, 'an they don't take no account of drifters. Ditched and bulldozed in alley court on no charge of livin' among the willows.

Justice ain't but a lick 'an promise. Them tracks was to the boot yard 'an nothing figures for it.

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