Vault-Tec Subwoofer 525 Leaked!

Vault-Tec Subwoofer 525

I repaired my old powered subwoofer. It died two years ago, loudly, in the middle of the night. It had an internal amplifier that I've replaced with an external Pyle PFA300. While waiting for delivery of the new amp, I patched the old amp holes and painted it.

I sanded the original aluminum plate, glued and screwed quarter-inch plywood behind it, painted, and installed new speaker terminals. I went with a "Fallout" antique theme on the cabinet: flat-black, olive-drab, rust.

Small and inexpensive "Class-T" amplifiers are great for this - they can handle 4-ohm speakers, and a little distortion won't be noticed. My receiver has an active subwoofer line-out, so I don't need an additional cross-over.

For now, I'll only be using one channel of the amp, but it might be fun to try both channels with a fancy 6" dual voice-coil woofer. The existing 20-watt speaker sounds great.

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