Art Prints on Etsy

#7790 - Sparrow 01
Originally uploaded by Tuzen

I've finally opened a shop selling some of my art photography prints at  The art photography world is ultra-super competitive, and so it has taken a long time for me to collect a portfolio of images that I thought might compete.  The whole process should be very educational.

Etsy is a classy place.  I first noticed this when my sister opened her shop out there.  I think it stands apart from the other merchant sites that I work with.  Traffic here is probably lower, but that shouldn't be an issue for me since I like to do my own marketing.  I hope that my work will resonate with the crafty crowd, but that remains to be seen.

One cool feature I've discovered on Etsy is that web analytics is well integrated in for marketing.  Conversion tracking is missing, but I hear this is something that they are already thinking about adding.  Still, I decided that Etsy would be better for me than a DIY approach to marketplace.

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