favs social currency

I was curious about flickr favs (favorites) and wanted to know how they were distributed across a random sample.  After taking a look at the data I was surprised to learn that, by my estimate, only about 6% of the photos appear to have any favs and of those 80% have only one.  The data in the graph above contains only photos with favs.  I had expected some consensus on what was "good" and I had also expected to find more than 6% of photos with favs.

This is wild speculation on my part, but this could mean that favs are not a popular feature and/or that 80% folks are so particular about photography as to stand alone.  My theory was that nothing could be cheaper as social currency than a favorite, but it appears I was wrong.  I don't think I see any network effects here.

I use favs and view the favs of my favs, but I seem to be in the minority.  All this has made me curious about comments; are they more socially valued?  Do you use flickr favs?

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