stereo photography

Wendy Case (anaglyph)
What will the future of photography look like?  Sure, I expect technology will roll forward into higher quality 2D pictures and video, but I'm thinking way beyond that.  Cameras today are not yet as good as our eyes in many ways, but someday they will most likely be much better.

I read recently that Sony is building 3D televisions for the living room and that got me thinking about the content.  What will we display on that kind of hardware, and how will we capture it?

We will need a 3D lens, new software, and some digital glasses.  If we are not wearing the glasses, it should look ok, not all messed up.

I have met a few scattered geeks, once ahead of their time, that had created red-blue anaglyph images using two cameras, custom crappy software, and those funny red-blue paper glasses.  Well, who is laughing now?  I think it's about to become a big business.

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