cactus wireless

I just got this Cactus Wireless shutter release from Gadget Infinity for $35. It's really an amazing price if you compare it to the brand name part. It shipped in from Hong Kong, so that took a couple of weeks. I removed the plastic from the battery, hooked it up and it worked like magic.

Other reviews that I read on flickr mentioned two issues, and that I also noticed. It will sometimes shoot two photos if you are in continuous-mode; no big deal. Second is the batteries are non-standard so replacing them could be interesting. But the good news is that batteries should last quite a long time, and I plan to update this post with my results.

Features of note include the half-shutter press for focus, those little switches that let you switch channels in case you are competing with another nearby photographer, and blinking lights to let you know it's on and working.

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