Lies, Damn Lies, And Business Cards

Halo M12 Warthog

NEW MOMBASA, KE - If anybody asked, Kobin told them he worked on the popular M12 Warthog Light Reconnaissance Vehicle. That was maybe half-true, but it was short and seemed to satisfy. It was the flagship product of AMG Transport Dynamics. Of course, nobody ever heard of AMG outside the MIC - they were a white-label defense contractor.

Inside every Warthog was On-Board Diagnostics that monitored fuel, power, vehicle, and weapon systems - to verify status and flag maintenance issues. It's not really exclusive to the M12, every vehicle had it. And nobody ever heard of the OBD, which was probably why they always had job openings.

In New Employee Orientation, everyone took selfies with the Warthog parked in the lobby. His actual job for the next eighteen months was to simulate and test the 10-Pin Wire Quick-Connect. Within OBD, they said this was considered prestigious since that tiny connector would be on the outside of the box - it would be seen.

At least his business cards said M12 Warthog Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, he thought. They let you write whatever you like.

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