Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

TSG reuses clean boxes and packing material - those not plastered with logos and unremovable labels. Why do companies spend resources making their materials single-use? Probably they're just using our doorsteps as advertising. We defeated plastic clamshells, maybe we can defeat nonconsensual porch-advertisement. 

Not even Walmart will reuse Walmart branded packaging.

Shipping boxes are getting worse. More companies are using branded tape, bleached cardboard, color printing, glued boxes that rip-open, branded filler material, tamper-proof labels... Unboxing videos should be shaming companies for shipping in single-use garbage.

Folks would choose plain-packaging if that was an option. Colorful, branded packaging alerts porch pirates. We'd prefer low-key packages. And recycling single-use boxes still consumes fresh water, in addition to collection center and trucking resources.

Anyhow, I made this portrait of the box-monster meeting Danbo.

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