The Wolf-Spider of Smol Street

"3d-printed tires are tight"

Finally managed to find some proper ladders. Tiny Science Guy (TSG) uses these to supervise the build from 40mm above the chaos. He managed to see an aluminum trailer buried out behind the yard. The tires were missing, but otherwise it's in good condition. Priorities now include rigging a trailer-hitch for the APC, and the perimeter. 

The yard perimeter is welded steel, which seems overkill until TSG's talk of spiders. We've been hauling box-tube lengths two at a time on the APC. Unless we get that trailer rolling, the perimeter will be complete in 7 years. 

According to locals, there are giant wolf-spiders - the size of an APC. They say people shouldn't wander out at night, and head inside when the dogs are going nuts. TSG says he's gonna capture a wolf-spider, but this is the same guy that says you get a finite number of meals before your teeth fall out.

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