"too much makeup"

I looked it up - Nikon claims this old DSLR will survive 150,000 photos. The shutter-count is only 8983. TSG says it went in for repair once, after a hard drop broke the flash. Film cameras are holding their value, but folks are selling these DSLRs, and prices are dropping like pianos. He's ordered a 'micro' lens for it.

I found drawer with a hundred plastic forks - individually wrapped packets marked with a bear. After that I started putting fried-noodle takeouts in the work-fridge, hold the forks. It's a way to repay TSG for drinking his beer, since he won't take money. These supplement beans and rice, which he has in bulk-drums. TSG said he gets freight delivered twice a year; that includes two-hundred servings of dried beans! 

The lodge color conversation has landed on fashion, which is a four-letter word here. If I understand correctly, TSG believes fashion is a signal of toxicity - attracting false, unreliable people. I can't imagine such a person traveling for days, mud-trail flanked with gravestones, for an Instagram. 

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