WIP: Scale Model Quonset Hut


Thinned & Stippled Bondo Glazing Putty

I saw NightShift doing a very cool texture technique using putty and thin-cement on scale models. Thinking I'd try to emulate something like that with materials I have, thinned this Bondo Glazing Putty with acetone and stipple-applied with a brush. This mostly worked, although acetone dries very quickly making you move fast and dirty.

Applying Bondo this way is easier to control than with a plastic spreader. Proper model-putty and thin-cement would improve working time, but I have this giant tube of pre-existing putty. The effect is further modulated by light sanding or built-up with additional layers. Bondo sands famously. 

Half the fun of 3d printing is painting, but this is my first attempt at 1:87 scale. I don't have to be concerned about ruining an expensive kit, so it's all good. These skills come in handy when I need to repair something of value - you can hide a lot of crimes with Bondo.

Building the Catwalk

Quonset huts are a bit a retro now, replaced by straighter-walled and larger structures as steel performance improved. Anyhow, the reference photos I like are the older and heavily repaired/modified buildings. Looks like rooftop installations were mostly radar and other comms.

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