Cyberpunk 2077: Legendary Crafting

Screenshot Composite Jan '21 w/30% Discount Perk

  • Crafting Johnny's Legendary Tank Top costs = $104,625
    • 1 Epic Johnny Tank Top ($60,525)
    • 39 Rare Item Components ($5850)
    • 89 Epic Item Components ($22,250)
    • 16 Legendary Item Components ($16,000)
  • Crafting Johnny's Epic Tank Top costs = $60,525
    • 1 Rare Johnny Tank Top (mission item)
    • 49 Uncommon Item Components ($3675)
    • 99 Rare Item Components ($14,850)
    • 132 Epic Item Components ($33,000)
    • 9 Legendary Item Components ($9000)

I was curious if building was cheaper than buying and the answer is not really. Economically speaking you get more bang for your buck if you sell for cash instead of disassemble into components, and save your perks. The crafting system in Cyberpunk is punishingly expensive.

    Once finding nice gear, trying to upgrade it to keep pace with level costs nearly every penny one could scrounge - for a single item. Then you find the exact item you're holding, for sale, at a higher level, for less cash than it would cost to upgrade or craft new. Adding insult, the vendor will offer to buy your hundred-thousand dollar investment for 1% of it's value.

The economy in Night City is so screwed-up, that it only makes fiscal sense to steal. Vendor prices are high to discourage shopping, but crafting needs a tune IMO. As a rule of thumb, you should probably be able to craft ONE Legendary before finishing the game.


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