Comic: Little Pigs 4: Pig with a Vengeance


A rural community, besieged by pandemic and wildfire, is completely cut-off. In the chaos, an enormous bloodthirsty wolf sees opportunity to eliminate his enemies one by one. 

One undersize pig, whose family was slaughtered in a decades old feud, has been prepping for this his entire life. He is facing impossible odds, but he's got some brand new tricks. He should be careful who he trusts.

✽ ✽ ✽

"Little pigs are not insurable." he explained. If little-pig was to rebuilt his family home, it had to exceed every standard. Bruce wrinkled his face, "Nobody can claim wolf-proof, there are no legal standards for that." He tucked his pencil behind an ear and it disappeared into his silver mane.

Little-pig tried to hide his disappointment. A dozen previous architects had already explained this, and sent him away. Bruce took a thoughtful drink of coffee. Suddenly animated, he tapped the pencil on his notepad and said, "The shit we're seeing today is unprecedented. Wolf related fatalities set new records every year." Bruce took another slow drink. "Plan B... could be an underground space."

"Like a bunker?" asked little-pig. Bruce sketched upside-down, so little-pig could read. "Technically, it's two-hour wolf-resistant storage." The drawing continued, and little-pig was mesmerized by how beautiful it was. It was a little castle.

"Storage?" asked little-pig. Bruce quietly annotated the tiny room below the castle in perfect upside-down block-letters: scuba-tank, flashlight. "And after two hours?" asked little-pig. Bruce paused and looked up, "Plan C."

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