McMaster-Carr M18 Bolt

DIY M18 Bolt

Our hose sprayer had a valve-cap failure. The thin plastic had cracked such that it would spray the hose operator, and there was too little material to glue. I rummaged through my collection of bolts and didn't find anything this large. So I tried 3d-printing some.

The inside threads were a mystery. I first guessed 5/8-11tpi and that turned out too loose. My second guess was metric, M18-fine, and that was water-tight with some PTFE tape. I saw people were downloading STEP files from McMaster-Carr and converting them to STL online. I printed some in PLA at 99% infill, then drilled the end to hold a trigger spring.

This is a comically oversized solution - so I'm keeping it.

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