The Robot Heart

Leica LX100, f/16 1/15s, Skylum Luminar

Albert stood in the cold watching the sunset. The brochure said his new robot heart was powerful as a mountain lion. He focused his mind on the bigness, the majesty of nature, himself far below it all. Then the robot heart kicked into gear, and he felt the surge. Euphoria washed and warmed in waves from his chest. He started to run, launched forward by this unstoppable locomotive.

The brochure warned the robot heart formed addiction. First Albert was addicted to staring at his wife of fifty years. Side-effects included sighs and occasional teardrops. Chased out of the house, he became addicted to sunsets.

On Wednesdays he attended the robot heart support group. There were families struggling with excessive volunteering and terminal philanthropy. One woman had adopted a dozen children. Hearing these stories, Albert's heart audibly whirred.

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