Cookie Cheater

Years ago, I was asked to design a puzzle solver for 7th Guest in an interview. It was remarkable how job-relevant that would be. They'd later ask me to automate browsers, email, phones, etc.

These scripts could hypnotize you - I'd turn the monitors so people could watch. Folks talked about scripts in conversation like these were rascal ghosts. The ghosts had higher security access than me.

I once automated Halo multiplayer - for some contest. I fastened the Xbox controller to a shiatsu massager, and made the worlds worst bot - it didn't win. Although it too was fascinating to watch as it randomly unloaded rounds and grenades.

This is my first AppleScript - I'd worked in Windows shops. Cookie Clicker, like Automation, is a game of escalation. One click, ten clicks, hundred clicks, thousand clicks... Eventually this capitalist escalation demands a change in approach. 

"Just make it click", they say. Clicks are the gateway drug of business process automation.

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