The No Questions Asked DVD Drop-Off

BELLEVUE, WA - I slid the DVD into the kiosk and waited for the machine to approve. But the idiot thing refused the disk. So I tried it again, and a third time before I madly jabbed the help button for the 800 number.

I was standing outside on my phone. Sanjay told me to ignore the rejected disk for several minutes. He said the machine will eventually take the DVD if it thinks nobody's there - I held very still.

He had explained that I might see a stray charge on my credit card. And a month later, sure as shit, there was a $40 charge! I was not happy.

When I called Redbox to protest the fee, they had never heard of me and had no record of any rental. I repeated my card number, my phone, and all the transaction details on my statement.

At this point, customer service politely explained that DVDXpress was not affiliated in any way with Redbox. I had simply returned the DVD to the wrong company.

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