He Can Jump, Shih Tzu Not

Dock Dog Flying

ISSAQUAH, WA - Dock dogs dive during downtown days. They leap from their owners in an attempt to splash perfectly dry strangers. Some contestants wore costumes to hide their identity.

This is a sport, presumably one could win a prize. What’s in it for the dogs? They do it partly out of instinct, and partly for the conditional love of their owners. The message is clear, they can be replaced with younger dogs. If the only way to sleep in the house is to win this lady a t-shirt, then you damn better win this lady a t-shirt.

The people want to see spectacular failure. It’s the awkward spin, the last minute hesitation, the slip that will make the crowd go crazy. To be a spectacular clown and a winner at the same time, it helps to be afraid of the water. Fear shows on their floppy faces and adds drama without adding drag.

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