Study Success or Extra Stress?

Hanabi by Tuzen
Hanabi, a photo by Tuzen on Flickr.
Physical and mental condition are keys to success with learning. That is why I pay attention to foods, sleep, exercise, and social activity. Over the years I've figured out the right balance for me to feel good. And when I feel great, my brain can learn.

  • Get Lots of Sleep 
  • Watch Less Crap
  • Eat Better
  • Walk & Take Stairs
  • Find Your Peak Brain Time
  • Reduce Noise

This year I'm even more careful with foods, after reading the research. Some foods do give me a brain boost, and others make me feel like wasting away in front of the TV. I quit french fries, ice cream, and cola because they made my brain tired. And appetite problems are strongly associated with stress and sleep problems.

Over the years I figured out that I feel smarter in the morning, so that is when I do the tough stuff. Monitor your focus throughout the day too. You might be surprised how much it changes.

I hear friends say they're "not good at learning". Well, when I stay up late, eat junk food, and watch a lot of TV, then I'm not good at learning either.

What else can we do?

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