DoubleSpeak Workflow

It is imperative that individual authentic self is actualized for positive life outcomes.  Behavior modification serves as primary leverage in determining incremental accuracy.  Base cultural workflows of packaged behaviors, invented by prescient peoples or otherwise, are not automatically suited for the individual.  These base workflows should be methodically examined and customized toward authentic outcomes.

Resistance to optimized workflows is to resist individual authentic outcomes.

Base cultural workflow packaged behaviors are largely undocumented, randomly executed, thus valuable outcomes are predominately unexpected.  In the absence of randomized trials - a process of individual documentation serves workflow optimization for both intermediate and ultimate outcomes.

Workflows do not exist domain isolated - but coupled.  Behavior modification optimizing an intentional workflow is expected to impact numerous unintentional workflows.  All intermediate outcomes should be evaluated for total increased authenticity.

Metrics of authenticity include flow - immersion in productive activity. And daily impulse energy required to reach immersion from stasis.

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