Robot Camera

I have my DIY laser trigger for the Nikon D300s up and running.  A Parallax Basic Stamp controls a small laser, a photo-resistor, and an optoisolator (NTE3222) to the camera release.  The laser bounces off a small mirror to the photo-resistor, and the camera takes a photo when the beam is broken.  The design is a collection of ideas I've been reading about, and parts I have.

In software I need to calculate the ambient light value with the laser off, then calculate the value with the laser on; this creates a perceptible blinking.  I'm starting to think it would be faster if I replace the photo-resistor with a photo-transistor.  Every millisecond counts with subjects racing through the frame.

The laser must be aligned with the mirror and the photo-resistor.  For this reason, a really bright laser would be very helpful when trying to line things up in daylight.  I turn it off right before the camera release, so it won't appear in the photograph.

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