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A friend asked me to install the Adobe Illustrator CS4 trial on their PC. Sadly, after a rather large download and unpack the darn thing failed. It just refused to install with less than 512MB of memory; quit was the only button. This little PC gives a few MB to the video card and so it's always been a few crayons short of a full box.

I crawled around on the web to find out how to make it work and, sure enough, I came across some folks that got an older Adobe product to stick. The trick goes like this.
  1. Find the un-packed setup folder "Adobe CS4"
  2. Find the file AdobeIllustrator14mul.proxy.xml
  3. Open this file in notepad.
  4. Change:"Memory":{"System":{"Default":{"Require":"512","Exclude":"500"}}}
  5. To:"Memory":{"System":{"Default":{"Require":"400","Exclude":"410"}}}
  6. Re-run Setup.
This worked great and my friend is now happily playing with the Adobe Illustrator CS4 trial.  However, if they get serious about using CS4 I recommend getting a new machine.

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