the advantage of power

I've been looking out for a portable charger like this, since my batteries too frequently die as I'm running out the door.

Energizer must have read my mind with the Energi To Go IPod Charger.
This thing holds two AA batteries and snaps directly onto the IPod like a small backpack, and blinks a blue LED while charging. It came packaged with two lithium cells that they claim will run my music for approximately 40 hours, but I plan to run with my rechargeable AA cells. I was able to re-charge twice using my NiMH batteries before the charge light went out.

I already have my solar panel charging batteries. I thought it a poor idea to leave my expensive gadgets outside all day. By my estimate, the rechargeable AA battery is nearly a perfect size, cheap, and highly available. Even more available than a power-outlet for outdoor listeners like myself.

At $29 retail, this is not the cheapest IPod power-pack out there. However, this 3 ounce charger does fold up nicely and carry a brand name I know.

The quality of the build & finish is ok, but does not match that of the IPod, or even it's wall charger. The IPod needs to come out of it's protective sleeve for charging, and the attachment to the charger is just a friction fit. These are aspects that Energizer should consider improving with future designs, but I am thankful that it is black and has no external wires. Seeing the other Energizer designs, I see it could have been worse.

For those thinking about personalization, I've noticed the outer shell, the battery cover, can be removed without tools. That would be easy enough to paint; one would need to mask off a little LED window. Also, with a bit more work it might be possible to integrate this unit into a plastic case for more secure attachment to, and protection for the IPod.

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