Cookie Cheater

Years ago, I was asked to design a puzzle solver for 7th Guest in an interview. It was remarkable how job relevant that question would be. They later asked me to automate browsers, email, phones, etc.

These scripts could hypnotize you - I'd turn the monitors so people could watch. Folks referred to the scripts by name in conversation like they were rascal ghosts. Some of these ghosts had accounts with higher security access than me.

I once automated Halo multiplayer - for some contest. I fastened the Xbox controller to a shiatsu massager, and made the worlds worst bot - it didn't win. Although it too was fascinating to watch as it randomly unloaded rounds and grenades.

This is my first AppleScript - I'd worked in Windows shops. Cookie Clicker, like Automation, is a game of escalation. One click, ten clicks, hundred clicks, thousand clicks... Eventually this capitalist escalation demands a change in approach. 

"Just make it click", they say. Clicks are the gateway drug of business process automation.

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