Camera Gear: Knobby By Nature

Nikon D300s: 75mm, f/8, 0.8s

Once upon a time it cost a dollar each press of the shutter - now it costs megabytes of storage.

I made this photo with the D300s on a tripod above cardboard. I'm super happy with the diagonal composition, but I don't like the shadows. It was impossible to get even light around the cameras. Next time I might go outdoors, set the subjects on glass+paper and add some reflected light from below.

This little Leica D-LUX is D-Lightful. Not as sharp and colorful as the Nikon D300s, but quarter the size. It has the requisite fast lens and glorious knobs, however when it goes to sleep it retracts the power-zoom and forgets where it was - sadly missing physical control for that.

Physical knobs let me verify and adjust key settings without turning on the camera. There are occasions I must to go into the labyrinth menus, but few now that I've got it all setup.

The [A] auto-mode button is trouble - it disables all the knobs. The [F] filter-effects button is also unnecessary, and cannot be customized.

The handsome Nikon FM3a pictured above also makes images via knobs. The family resemblance is strong, but the FM3a exposure-comp dial locks. I've got to check that sneaky D-LUX dial every single time.

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