The No Questions Asked DVD Drop-Off

BELLEVUE, WA - I slid the DVD in the return slot of the red kiosk outside 7-11 and waited for the machine to approve. But the damn thing refused the disk. So I tried it again, and a third time before I madly jabbed the help button for the 800 number.

I was standing outside on my phone. Sanjay told me to ignore the rejected disk for a few minutes. Says the machine will eventually take the DVD if it thinks nobody's there - I held very still.

He had said I might see a stray charge on my credit card. And a month later there was a $40 charge! I was not happy.

When I called Redbox to protest the fee, they had never heard of me and had no record of any rental. I provided my card, my phone, and the transaction details on my bill.

At this point, customer service politely explained that DVDXpress was not affiliated in any way with Redbox. I had returned the DVD to the wrong company.

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