The Ten Second Amendment

SANTA FE, NM - Ain't nobody looking out for nobody on the frontier - unless they're a pervert or a bandit. You're reading my scrapbook, then I got killed by one or both - a goddamn lawman. Figured it'd happen, ain't no surprise by now. Pine box coming full split.

Got my record at eleven years, 'cause some damn bugger askin' bout a bullet. Bag of nails since. Kicked outta schoolhouse on why I beefed a man. They don't take no account of a child's family ain't got no money.

Had to take low jobs, until word got back on the felony. Landlords ain't wanna hear heap about it neither. Learn't to hobble my lip an' make tracks to the next town.

Near ten years now an' down to the blanket. Cracked lawmen sneaking up 'cause they heard you shot a man once, an' they don't take no account of drifters. Ditched and bulldozed in alley court on no charge of livin' among the willows.

These tracks lead to the boot yard 'an nothing figures for changing.

Carousel Incident #342838

The emergency medical team slid the injured woman onto a gurney and wheeled her away, leaving a smear of blood several feet beyond a low metal fence surrounding the carnival ride.

The officer kneeled to take a witness statement, and placed a small notebook on his knee. These two young ladies had apparently seen the entire thing. "Zebras can't be domesticated", she said. The second girl nodded emphatically.

Max Harder (2017)

A veteran homicide detective, framed for the kidnap and murder of his wife and child, flees the country. He's recruited for a black-ops private security firm, and turns vigilante to hunt the narcotics operation he believes is responsible.

As the bodycount climbs, his killing spree is overlooked thanks to powerful allies in government and sympathies within international police forces.

The detective and an old enemy ultimately join forces igniting a war that will lead them to confront an even larger conspiracy.