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There is more to my first eagle photo here than perhaps meets the eye. First, I woke up at 3am to meet some friends, and drove until sunrise out to the river. The birds are active around sunrise and sunset, and active is good.

Next, the equipment was also pushed out to the edge of it's performance. I've got the 300mm lens, a teleconverter, and my Nikon D200 all balanced on the tripod in rather poor light. So I shot hundreds of shots knowing that I would be throwing out many blurry ones. Folks that are really serious about these things can easily spend enough money on camera equipment to buy a nice car.

Finally this is a 100% crop. And I processed this in Adobe Lightroom to reduce the noise, and recover detail the the eagles bright head and dark feathers. I didn't get any action shots this time, mostly because I was asleep at the wheel when the birds took flight.

Each generation of camera and lenses goes a little further to nail these shots, but nothing can replace standing out in the cold for 12 hours at a time to really improve your luck.

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